krap-load o' kepler

This Progress Report submitted by binnie. dan. jeremy. lorraine. maxwell[] on 10/21/98.

As of this point in time (10-21-98), we have completed four nights of observation, including the first night of celestial viewing ecstacy. This has given us 13 actual viewing periods, which we have recorded. These aforesaid observations were (and hopefully still will be) recorded at ten minute intervals. From hands on experience, we have devised a simple, straightforward data recording sheet, that we incorporate into our observations, and will also be accessible enough for our fellow colleagues to use as they become involved with this horizon expanidng endevour.

So far our problems have been minimal, mainly due to the whims of mother nature, who does not always bless us with clear nights. And yes the extreme weight and the unergonomic design of the telescope case, also poses a slight pain in the ass, to put it bluntly. As you know we have quickly become proficient at the set up and operation of the telescope, and wish to share our new found knowledge with our classmates. To do this we are planning a longer than usual viewing session, sometime in the comming weeks. We deffinitely encourage everyone to attend this viewing so they to can get the same experiences, and help in our quest for knowledge and its bastard son truth. Please note that the viewing sessions are outdoors (which translates to cold) dress accordingly, yet they are also more fun than a barrel full o' monkeys and less smelly.

We will keep you and the class posted on the exact date of the long viewing session as well as regular sessions that all are welcomed to attend
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