The Milankovitch Cycles

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Online Refrences - Gave a detailed description on the seasons relationship to the Milankovitch cycle. - - Biography of Milankovitch and details on his theory of climate change. - This article discusses global warming and climate change as related to several causes, including the Milankovitch cycle. - A large FAQ on climate change and global warming. Discusses the Milakovitch cycle as well as several related topics such as solar output and sun spots. - A data base that hold global climate change models related to solar changes and orbital paths. - Earth-Sun relationships in terms of Insolation - Good animations and global cooling ideas

Global Climate Change Student Guide - An ecclent guide to climate change, with an extensive section devoted to the Milankovitch Theory and Cycles. - One person's view that we should not worry about global climate change

Journal Articles (PDFs) and Books

Milankovitch Climate Cycles Through the Ages (PDF 1.04MB) -

Milankovitch Cycles and their effects on species in ecological evolutionary time. (PDF 1.7MB) - Looks at the biological aspects of the effects the Milankovitch Cycles has on our planet.

Ice Rhythms: Core Reveals a Plethora of Climate Cycles (PDF 712KB) - Discuses how ice core samples aid in determining past changes in climate and further illustrates the concept of the Milankovitch cycle.

Possible Forcing of Global Temperature by the Oceanic Tides (PDF 1.8MB) - Further discuses fluctuation in global temperatures and the trends due to solar output.

Mapping Orbital Effects on Climate (PDF 536KB) - Gives and breakdown on the effects of the Milankovitch cycles and there effects on different aspects of our climate.

Terrestrial, Solar and Galactic Origin of the Earth's Geophyscial Variables (PDF 992KB) - Gives a excellect break down of changes to the earth that have resulted from galatic, solar and terrestrial changes.

A New View on The Driving Mechanism of Milankovitch Glaciaiton Cycles (PDF 764KB) -This article discusses how glacial cycles could be strongly influcenced by one of the Milankovitch cycles in particular.

Milanovitch Climate Reinforcements (PDF 1.3MB) - Disscusses how the Milankovitch cycles may play a lesser role in global climate change. Serveing only to reinfornce and enhance current patterns.

The Ice Chronicles: The Quest to understand Global Climate Change (Book) - The study of glacial changes from ice cores to form a record of past climate changes.