There are plenty of biology people out there who know what decarboxylation is and don't bat an eye when I say anaphylaxis. Us biology folk, however, are not in the majority. For this reason, I have provided a glossary of some of the scientific terms that you may encounter at this site. I hope that this allows you to better learn from the information within.


Amino Acids- the most basic molecules that comprise proteins

Anaphylaxis-physical shock experienced during a severe allergic reaction, such as some people experience with a bee sting.

Apoptosis- cell death

Asphyxiation- inability to breath

Cardiotoxic- having effects that are damaging to cardiac (heart) tissue

Depolarizing- having the effect of de-charging certain types of tissues that normally are charged (polarized). Examples are nerve and heart tissue.

Edema- fluid buildup in tissue

Endogenous- contained internally

Enervate- to send a nerve impulse to a body part

Envenomation- the act of injecting venom into something

Epinephrine- a neurotransmitter that is used to subdue anaphylaxis

Hemotoxic- having a toxic effect in the blood

Herpetology- the study of reptiles, in this case snakes

Intraperitoneal- administration by injection into the abdominal cavity

Mitochondria- the site of cellular respiration, where cell energy is produced

Necrosis- tissue death

Nephrotoxic- having a toxic effect in the kidneys

Neuron- A nerve cell

Neurotoxic- having a toxic effect nerve tissue

Neurotransmitter- a type of chemical that allows neurons to communicate with one another

Pathology- the study of diseases

Peptide Bonds- the type of bonds that attach amino acids together

Sarcomere- a structural unit of striated and cardiac muscle. It appears as a series of lines and bands in electron micrograph images

Smooth/Striated Muscle- smooth muscle is controlled by involuntary enervation, striated muscle is controlled by voluntary enervation. This means that animals do not have the ability to knowingly control smooth muscle, but can voluntarily control striated muscle

Subcutaneous - injection under the skin




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