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Four Mile Creek Watershed Fish Study Archives

For the last several years, Interdisciplinary Studies students have been researching fish diversity in tributaries of Four Mile Creek in the Miami River watershed (specifically, Harkers Run and Collins Run.) Sampling efforts occurred in 2001, 2002, and 2003. Below are links to these previous studies and data, in table format, from the spring, 2003, sampling. Previous studies (prior to 2003) include calculations of diversity, study conclusions, and data, in excel spreadsheet format.

Fish Photos and Ecologic Significance

I have included photos of the most common species for identifcation purposes. With each picture, are ecologic generaliziatons specific for each species. For instance, the presence of insectivorous fish may be a good indicator of stream health. The hierarchy of images is as follows: each page starts with "thumbnails," then a medium size image, and a very large image. To proceed through the hierarchy, just "click" on each slide. Special thanks to Donna McCollum (for her time and expertise) and Chris Wolfe.


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Creek Chub

Note the Male's Breeding Projections on his head. Largest Fish we found. Omnivores, Most Tolerant of the Suckers, Pool Species

Collins Run Stream Sampling, April 10, 2003

Scientifc Name
Common Name
# Individuals
Comments with Ecologic Generalizations
Campostoma anomalum Central Stonerollers 121 Herbivores, Tolerant of Low Water Quality. Riffle Species
Pimephales notatus Bluntnose Minnows 39 Omnivores, Tolerant of Low Water Quality, Wide Ranging habitat
Rhinichthys atratulus Blacknose-Dace 26 Omnivores, Regional, Indicators of Better Water Quality, Pool/Riffle Species
Etheostoma sp Orange Throated Darter 16 Insectivores, Riffle Species
Cyprinella spiloptera Spotfin Shiners 20 Insectivores, Pool Species, Can Tolerate Moderate Water Quality
Semotilus atromaculatus Creek Chub 19 Omnivores, Tolerant of Low Water Quality, Pool/Riffle Species
Luxilus chrysocephalus Striped Shiners 13 Insectivores, Prefer clear streams, Pool Species, Gravel Bottoms
Hypentelium nigricans Northern Hog Sucker 6 Insectivores, Pool/Riffle Species
Etheostoma caeruleum Rainbow Darter 5 Insectivores, Riffle Species
Catostomus commersoni White Suckers 5 Omnivores, Most Tolerant of the Suckers, Pool Species
Notropis buccatus Silver Jaw Minnows 2 Insectivores, High Water Quality Species, Pool Species
Notropis rubellus Roseyface Shiners 2 Insectivores, Pool Species
Moxostoma duquesnei Black Redhorse 1 Insectivores, Sensitive Species--High Water Quality Species, Pool Species
Micropterus dolomieui Smallmouth bass 1 Piscivore, High Water Quality Species, Pool Species
Lepomis megalotis Longear Sunfish 1 Insectivores, Tolerant of Low Water Quality, Pool Species
Notropis rubellus Species Total=15 N=277 Notropis rubellus

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